So... what happens after Good Friday?


Welcome to our special Good Friday page!

This page exists to help you find out more about the message Jesus Christ gave the Church to pass on about him in word and deed. But if you just want to browse our site or look at some photos of the Good Friday Act of Witness, that's fine too.

The core of the Christian message about Jesus after Good Friday is that his death on the Cross was not his end. Instead, it marked the beginning of the end of death's reign over this earth. This was because Jesus came back to life again three days after his death on the cross. His earliest followers all insisted this was true, even when they were threatened with death or killed for saying so.

We know this was and is an astonishing and outrageous claim to make, but so did they! We hope you'll want to weigh up the evidence about this claim for yourself in a local church. There, you'll be able to find out more about what Jesus' resurrection means, especially for everyone who accepts that it really happened.

The Church exists today because the truth of Jesus' return from the dead brought with it a whole new way of understanding God, the world around us, and what it means to be human. This new understanding comes as part of a whole new life here and now with the living Jesus.

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Good Friday 2014 crowd