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October 2017

Woking Events Calendar

Sunday, October 8
Time: 3:30pm - 12:00am Thursday, January 1
Summary: Woking Hospice Sponsored Walk

The Vision

• To raise £200,000 for Woking Hospice
• From local Churches
• By gathering 2000 people of all ages to walk 3 miles
• & asking 10 people to sponsor them £10 

2000 x 10 sponsors x £10 = £200,000!

When? 8th October 3.30pm at Goldsworth Park
How? Register, get more details and sponsorship forms
by going to:

Time: 7:30pm - 12:00am Thursday, January 1
Location: St Dunstan's Church
Summary: Find where you fit

The event, a first, is entitled 'Find where you Fit' and we are inviting all the Christians in Woking to attend. People attending will have the opportunity to do just that, in terms of which agency is the best fit for them and how best they can help - prayer, funding, volunteering. The Christian agencies do much-needed, amazing, work in Woking which most individual churches simply couldn't do alone and they need our ongoing support. We are excited about the potential for helping believers to find where they fit in fulfilling God's great desire to show His love to Woking.

The event will follow a proven 'speed dating' type format that we have developed. At the beginning of the evening, with guests seated, each agency will have 60 seconds, and no more, to say their piece. After this guests will be able to follow up with whichever Christian agencies most excite them, by visiting their stands.

As well as the practical benefits of connecting people with agencies, this eventwill be a celebration of what God is doing in Woking through the agencies and will help your church members see the bigger picture. I can almost guarantee that they will leave encouraged, uplifted and inspired. The sort of things people say who have come to similar events is, "I never knew all this was going on in Woking, It is amazing" And if this means that they then return to their area of service fired up, then that will be a very good outcome.