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Woking Events Calendar

Sunday, January 20
Time: 6:30pm - 12:00am Thursday, January 1
Location: Woking
Summary: Week of Prayer for Christian Unity Service

The speaker will be Dr Dave Landrum, Director of Advocacy from the Evangelical Alliance who will be talking about Speak Up, a resource developed by the Alliance in association with the Lawyer's Christian Fellowship and commended by the Prime Minister. Speak Up encourages Christians to share about Jesus without fear of legal restraints, but wisely and lovingly, guiding Christians through the robust rights we have when sharing our faith, whether at home, at work, in public or online

Wednesday, January 23
Time: 7:45pm - 12:00am Thursday, January 1
Location: URC, Woking
Summary: Churches Together in Woking Prayer Meeting
Description: As part of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity all are invited to this prayer meeting at Woking URC, White Rose Lane.
Sunday, February 10
Time: 4:00pm - 12:00am Thursday, January 1
Location: Emmanuel, Mayford GU22 0NR
Summary: Woking Street Angels Commissioning

We would like to invite you to the annual Commissioning Service for the Woking Street Angels. 


There will be teas, coffees and cake after the service! 


Parking:there are only 10 spaces at Emmanuel Church. If all those spaces are full, there is a small garden centre with a further 10 spaces 150 yards beyond the church which we can use.